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Greenvale Lakes Branch Sewer Repair

By February 17, 2020No Comments


  • Gravity Sewer but when system nearing capacity
  • Shuts off and backs up under pressure to shift excess flows
  • To the Greenvale Flow Control Facility, 500mm PN16 PE Pipe leaking at the EF Coupler, cutting the fitting out and replacing not an option


482-512 Shaped Duo-Fit permanent repair Coupler PN16

Savings (Daniel Fitzpatrick & Ashley Hamer YVW )

“Most likely option would have been to remove the concrete Maintenance Hole, repair the main with two restrained couplers or two electrofusion couplings, this would have also required plugging the upstream sewer flows” “I’d say approx. $10k to $20k (but if it was a live sewer would be further savings due to shut down costs etc.)”


Duofit can be installed under pressure, quickly and effectively cutting costs through road closure, water and sewer restrictions, costly special replacement fittings.

Duofit is available in straight and shaped body for Couplers and Collars, and they can be made to order by Nova Siria’s quality Italian manufacturing team

Client Comments (Daniel Fitzpatrick & Ashley Hamer YVW )

“Installation went very smoothly, product requires good site preparation and working area”

“The Duofit removes the requirement for shutdowns and removal of existing pipes, which will work well in emergency situations”

“One of the key benefits in the future would be to avoid having to isolate a critical watermain to undertake a repair, when traditional under pressure repair methods are unsuccessful having being able to test the product in a more controlled scenario gives greater confidence to use the Duo Fit in the future.”

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Nova Siria Duo-fit
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