Solid Top Trench Run

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Hygrade Water’s Trench Runs are available for situations where a continuous run of covers is required. These can be designed to suit a range of shapes and configurations of trench layout and there is no restriction on length. The covers are identical to our single parts range with the same features & benefits.

Utlilising the anti-slip chevron pattern, the covers are aesthetically pleasing, and robust.

Hygrade Water’s covers have eliminated the requirement for lead contaminated frame joints, by providing a unique polyethylene gasket within the frame assembly while maintaining a gas and watertight seal.

Solid top access covers are lighter in weight than traditional concrete infill and therefore are ideal where regular access is required. Manufactured to AS3996:2006 Available in Class B and D.

ELKINGTON range is available in all classes and manufactured to European Standard BS EN124 with cover spans up to 1200mm and F900

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